Clinicians burnout in 2021 has reached a crisis point

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T-Pro is excited for upcoming projects in 2022 and for our expansion in the UK, AUS and NZ markets. Let’s take a moment and review some of the concerning stats from 2021.

No doubt the pandemic is a challenging time for everyone. For Clinicians, the nature of their profession requires them to help people in their weakest states but that’s near impossible if they’re not the best version of themselves.

Healthcare professionals increasingly face depression, high stress, and emotional exhaustion. Each of these severe ailments leads to burnout.

42% of Physicians experience burnout in 2021 (Mayo Clinic) 

A survey of physicians found that 42% experienced symptoms of burnout. The five specialities that ranked the highest were different in 2021 due to the pandemic. The lineup includes critical care at 51%, Rheumatology at 50 and infectious diseases at 49%. 

60% of Clinicians said ‘too many bureaucratic tasks’ causes burnout (LeverageRx)

 Bureaucratic tasks include charting and paperwork. This chews up lots of time for clinicians and prevents them from seeing more patients. 50% of physicians work at least 60 hours a week, with a good chunk of the time allotted to paperwork.

53% of Clinicians with depression said it affected their work in 2021 (Advisory Board)

Only 47% of depressed clinicians said that their mental state doesn’t interfere with patient interactions. But 35% experience more irritation with patients. Another 26% had less motivation to be careful with patient note-taking. Even worse, 14% made mistakes that they wouldn’t normally make.

39% of Clinicians with burnout say they lack resources

Clinicians’ levels of productivity directly affect their psychological state. If clinicians are more productive in their work, they may feel less burnout. 39% credit their burnout to a lack of tools and resources that are necessary to provide high-quality patient care.

It’s time to make eliminating clinician burnout a priority…

About T-Pro:

T-Pro is a global leader in clinical documentation improvement software. Our cloud-based or on-premise clinical documentation solutions enable workflows for efficient and accurate speech recognition, medical transcription, messaging and coding. We facilitate a patient-centred solution by making it easy for clinicians to capture the patient narrative and deliver information when it is needed most – at the point of care.

Our technology allows healthcare providers to voice-enable their existing EPR, reduce transcription costs, outsource overflow transcription and capture patient information effectively and efficiently from anywhere on any device.

Clinicians using T-Pro see great benefits in the amount of time they save and the increased quality of care they are able to provide to patients.  

Benefits of using T-Pro

We've conducted a customer satisfaction survey and here are the results... 

  •  83% of the users have said T-Pro is easy to use by giving 4/5 star reviews. With this, most of the users have said the platform’s appearance is easy to navigate, simple and suitable for day to day u
  •  62% of the users have said T-Pro allowed them to be more efficient by saving time and improving department turnaround times. 
  •  84% have found T-Pro’s onboarding & training processes to be most helpful by giving 4/5 star reviews. Most of the users have stated that they prefer using real-time chat support for their enquiries rather than calling/emailing. 
  •  82% found T-Pro’s Digital Dictation to be much better than their previous providers. 

T-Pro's solutions integrate seamlessly into the wider healthcare ecosystem of a hospital, healthcare trust or even region.  This allows users to communicate effectively and efficiently across multiple sites and care settings.  These communications can all be captured electronically and added to the patients’ medical records. By capturing this data in a structured way T-Pro is also able to offer healthcare providers normalised data sets that can be analysed to improve both patient care and internal business practices. 

If you want to find out more about how engaging T-Pro can benefit your health organisation, contact us:

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