Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

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Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust selects T-Pro as their virtual consultation technology partner to support their digital transformation programme, to fundamentally change the way care is delivered.

T-Pro’s telehealth platform, eClinic Manager, includes the patient visit and everything around it - automatic scheduling, patient communication, waiting room management, updating attendance and outcomes back in the EPR. 

Healthcare professionals will have the essential resources they need during a virtual consultation with easy access to patient profiles, and the ability to take notes and review and send attachments. In-app messaging adds an additional communication option, and multiparty video allows e.g. interpreters, family members, and caregivers to join the consultation.

T-Pro will provide full bi-directional integration with the Trust’s electronic patient record system, RiO, and allow the trust to leverage their existing infrastructure and automate virtual consultation workflows that refocus staff toward more high-value tasks.

Janna Courtney, Head of IT Projects & Applications said...

“We want to improve access to care for our patients and give them a choice of attending a video or telephone consultation so they can spend more quality time at home. With T-Pro, our healthcare professionals can provide care outside of a traditional setting, and reduce unnecessary in-person visits.”

“We also expect to deliver a reduction in travel volume as a result of video or telephone consultations, which will cut thousands of pounds in costs every year.”


About Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest NHS community health providers in England, serving a population of about 1.4 million across Kent and 600,000 in East Sussex and London. They employ more than 5,000 staff, including doctors, community nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians and many other healthcare professionals.


About T-Pro

T-Pro is a leading healthcare technology and services provider operating worldwide. We provide solutions that use machine learning and AI technologies, such as virtual consultation and speech recognition, to improve access to health services and enhance the way clinicians produce clinical documentation. T-Pro offers more timely and appropriate access to care by connecting clinicians and patients remotely and makes it easy for clinicians to document patient encounters whilst also providing valuable insights which can help to reduce risk, drive efficiencies across healthcare organisations and provide more time for patient care.

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