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We are excited to bring back #gettoknowTPro. This week, we're introducing Ruhin Miah, our UK National Sales Manager. 

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Q: What motivates you at work?

A: What really pushes me is knowing that the solutions we provide at T-Pro are having a positive impact on the healthcare industry. The digital dictation and speech recognition solutions are helping to manage timekeeping which is important especially in the NHS. This time is now being spent by healthcare professionals in delivering care rather than administrative work.

Q: What upcoming technological innovation will dramatically impact the industry in the next few years?

A: The solution that is really exciting to me at the moment is ambient speech technology. The most common applications of ambient voice technology would exist in examination rooms. Clinicians can rely on a host of new products helping them to navigate, track and log elements of a patient visit in “real-time” without the use of a Dictaphone or handheld smartphone present in front of the patient.

It will allow the creation of more timely notes, enhance speech recognition to its maximum potential and allow clinicians to focus more intently on the patient. It also negates some of the common issues of costs, intrusiveness and data security. T-Pro will provide true ambient voice technology in the medical field in that it will work 100% in the background and will be all-encompassing. Unlike other such solutions, it won’t need prompting by voice initially which can cause disruption to the patient, it will integrate seamlessly into the workflow and in the documentation process in real-time. It is truly a bespoke solution that will take on multiple speakers, exotic accents, be able to recognise speech all over the place and inaction – by breaking down individual speech bands and finally adopt a groundbreaking speech recognition tool that populates the discrete fields in any Electronic health record platform.

About Ruhin:

Ruhin has recently joined T-Pro as a UK National Sales Manager with over a decade of experience working alongside the NHS. His responsibilities involve growing the business in the UK - both within the NHS and in private healthcare.

Rushin's approach is based on a consultative process, offering the right mix of technology and services to support long term sustainable impact for healthcare organisations. He specialises in delivering digital transformation in key areas such as clinic management processes and medical documentation workflows.

Ruhin is passionate about the proper introduction and utilisation of eHealth, and how digital maturity benefits health and care professionals especially in the NHS setting, but also private health organisations and public authorities - when applied effectively. This efficiently then delivers better patient outcomes.

Prior to joining T-Pro, Ruhin worked at a company with another digital platform specialising in solutions for the healthcare sector. He has also worked within other private companies such as the pharmaceutical industry and consumables market, again providing products into the NHS.

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