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We are excited to bring back #gettoknowTPro. Each week, we are going to share Q&As with one of our team members. This week, we're introducing Gabrielle O'Reilly from our Accounts Department. 

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Q: What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career?

A: I think it would be to always ask for help when you need it. I don’t like to waste time or be stuck or unsure about completing a task. I would much rather just ask for help. As a team, we’re all here to help each other and keep the communications strong so I’m never afraid to say when I need help.

Q: What professional accomplishment of yours are you most proud of?

A: So far it would be achieving my Accounting Technicians (AITI) qualification. In the beginning, I found it difficult and I wanted to give up as I never studied accounting before and had no background in the area, but I persevered and I’m so happy that I stuck with it and progressed in my career path.

Q: Have you ever met anyone famous?

A: I met David Seaman, who was an old goalkeeper for the arsenal football club. When I was younger, he came into my dad’s old restaurant a few times. He’s a really nice guy, lucky I’m an Arsenal fan!

Q: What's one professional goal you have?

A: I would love to hopefully one day be an ACCA qualified accountant and gain as much experience as possible. With T-PRO, I’ve already learned so much and I’ve been given many opportunities to build on my knowledge in the accounting industry. It’s difficult to study and work but I’ll get there one day. Nothing worth having comes easy!

Q: What’s your most-used productivity hack?

A: Honestly, writing down my to-do list so I can check it off as I complete a task. Nothing beats good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Q: What's your favourite thing to do on the weekends?

A: I love going on forest walks with the doggo, bringing the stove, and making a fresh cup of coffee! I also have a Cricut machine and I enjoy making personalised gifts, t-shirts, cards & Christmas decorations! I’d usually end the day with my feet up in front of the fire 🔥


We hope you're enjoying getting to know our team. Follow us on LinkedIn for more information and stay tuned for our next week's spotlight! 

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