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T-Pro is delighted to announce that, following a review of all market leading speech recognition providers, we have been awarded the contract to provide our speech-to-text solution to Practice Plus Group, England's largest independent provider of NHS services. The project is due to commence in October 2022.

T-Pro’s market-leading, AI-powered speech recognition solution will bring greater efficiency and reduce the workload for clinical staff involved in the production of medical letters, without compromising on quality and accuracy.

As part of their EPR rollout strategy, T-Pro’s speech recognition software will support the capture of more detailed, accurate notes and documentation in real-time. T-Pro has fast become the most used solution to help embed and improve the adoption of EPR systems across healthcare systems worldwide.

Sarah Barnett, IT Director - Secondary Care, added... 

“Our commitment as a provider of healthcare has always been to the best quality, best practice and best outcomes in everything we do. T-Pro will empower our clinicians to capture more comprehensive notes directly in the EPR, and cut down on their time spent on documentation and free up more time for patient care.”


About Practice Plus Group

Practice Plus Group was founded as Care UK in 1982 and rebranded in 2020. Their healthcare services include hospitals and surgical centres (treating both NHS and private patients), GP practices, NHS walk-in centres, GP out-of-hours, prison health services and clinical assessment and diagnostics facilities. They are also proud to deliver one of the country’s leading ophthalmology services and run a number of NHS 111 call centres.

PPG works with the NHS to take healthcare services closer to where people live and work - increasing the efficiency and quality of the services they deliver, and help reduce waiting times - but also provide fast, high-quality hospital treatment to patients who wish to self-fund or use private health insurance.


About T-Pro

T-Pro is a leading healthcare technology and services provider operating worldwide. We provide solutions that use machine learning and AI technologies, such as speech recognition and clinical language understanding, to enhance the way clinicians produce clinical documentation. T-Pro makes it easy for clinicians to document patient encounters whilst also providing valuable insights which can help to reduce risk, drive efficiencies across healthcare organisations and provide more time for patient care.

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