Ramsay Health Care UK partners with T-Pro

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Ramsay Health Care UK partners with T-Pro to deliver faster, simpler, and more complete clinical notes and documentation.


T-Pro is delighted to announce that, following a competitive process, we have been awarded the contract to provide Ramsay Health Care UK with our AI-powered speech recognition workflow solution. 

The roll-out forms part of Ramsay’s digital health strategy, which aims to build an integrated healthcare system to deliver advanced digital health services to its clinicians, patients and payers. 

T-Pro’s award-winning technology will be used in conjunction with Ramsay's IMS Maxims EPR, and support a more productive documentation experience before, during, and after the patient consultation - as well as meet compliance and deliver financial savings across the entire UK business.

Brian Anderson, Project Manager at Ramsay Health Care UK added: 

“Having worked with many digital organisations over the past 15 years, T-Pro has been one of the most consistent and available groups to be working with. They continue to shape the speech recognition platform to meet our immediate and future needs. When we are met with any challenges, T-Pro continues to work with us to provide solutions.”


About Ramsay Health Care UK
Ramsay Health Care UK is one of the leading independent healthcare providers in England, with 34 acute hospitals providing high-quality care to patients. Their facilities provide a wide and comprehensive range of specialised clinical services from routine to complex surgery, day case procedures, diagnostic services and physiotherapy.


About T-Pro
T-Pro is a leading healthcare technology and services provider operating worldwide. We provide solutions that use machine learning and AI technologies, such as speech recognition and clinical language understanding, to enhance the way clinicians produce clinical documentation and streamline the patient note creation functionality within healthcare organisations. T-Pro makes it easy for clinicians to document patient encounters whilst also providing valuable insights which can help to reduce risk, drive efficiencies across healthcare organisations and provide more time for patient care.

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