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T-Pro is delighted to announce that, following a competitive process, we have been awarded the contract to provide Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition to St. James’s Hospital, Ireland's largest acute academic teaching hospital. The project is proposed to commence in January 2022.

T-Pro’s market-leading, cloud-based AI-powered solution will bring greater efficiency and reduce the workload for all staff involved in the production of medical letters, without compromising on quality and accuracy. 

T-Pro will provide full integration with the hospital’s CliniCom PAS and Cerner Millennium EPR, offering an end-to-end clinical correspondence and structured reporting workflow solution that supports an advanced, highly configurable workflow process for speech recognition both with Cerner and correspondence workflows. 

Liam Murphy, Sales Manager at T-Pro, said...

“This is a significant contract win for the company.  The hospital evaluated all market-leading speech recognition software in line with both their documentation requirements as well as their ongoing, award-winning EPR rollout strategy. So it’s great recognition for T-Pro, and the hard work all the team are putting in to create a truly market-leading offering.”

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About St. James’s Hospital

St James’s Hospital is Ireland’s largest acute academic teaching hospital and is based in Dublin’s south inner city. By international standards, St James’s hospital is a substantial acute hospital service provider. They occupy a prominent position in the public eye and are recognised as prioritising innovation and excellence of delivery. They provide acute, emergency, specialist services and residential care, across a vast range of medical and surgical specialties and place a high emphasis on excellence of delivery, research, innovation and education.

About T-Pro

T-Pro is a leading healthcare technology and services provider operating worldwide. We provide solutions that use machine learning and AI technologies, such as speech recognition and clinical language understanding, to enhance the way clinicians produce clinical documentation. T-Pro makes it easy for clinicians to document patient encounters whilst also providing valuable insights which can help to reduce risk, drive efficiencies across healthcare organisations and provide more time for patient care.

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