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T-Pro accelerates AI technology strategy for healthcare with the consolidation of Indian service providers under T-Pro Medical PVT. which is now part of the T-Pro group.

The addition of T-Pro Medical PVT. to the T-Pro group will allow the rapidly expanding Healthcare Tech company to scale its back office, data cleaning, and development resources.

T-Pro Medical PVT. - a consolidated business, part of the T-Pro group is set to drive growth and technology enhancements as the group expands internationally. 

The transaction brings new development and data science teams into the group, along with over 250 new medical transcribers and editors. These back-office roles are to be enhanced by the application of T-Pro’s industry-leading AI solutions, whilst also providing a data cleaning and preparation resource that will drive the development of new Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding models, and AI-driven products. 

Nigel Wyman, Managing Director of T-Pro Medical PVT. has worked with the T-Pro group for a number of years says...

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The T-Pro Group is a global provider of healthcare technology, HQ is located in Dublin, that has recently launched an ambitious mergers and acquisitions strategy with a view to bringing its leading technology to global markets.

The development of AI-powered voice solutions, beyond Speech Recognition, that automates the documentation of care, is a particular focus and has fuelled expansion beyond Europe and into global markets including APAC, which is a particular focus for this year.

T-Pro Group's CEO, Jonathan Larbey says...

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