Electronic Distribution with T-Pro Connect

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Distribute documents electronically to any third party, save time & reduce costs with T-Pro Connect. Connects via Healthlink directly into GP practice systems. Through a secure portal, providing document access to patients, internal and external stakeholders via email or SMS.

Why you need T-Pro Connect

Health organisations, business managers, and clerical staff are under increasing pressure to turn around documentation to meet local and national targets.

Current systems only track the documents as far as creation and provide no visibility of when these are signed, printed, or delivered. 

Each consultant team will send in excess of 3800 documents per year.

Internally printing and posting documents costs healthcare organisations a minimum of €5.20 per document.

The cost per consultant team or traditional print/post solution is €19,968 per year

85% of documents are suitable for electronic distribution, representing a potential annual saving of €16,973 per consultant. 

As a rule of thumb, printing and enveloping 80 documents = 1 hour of clerical resource time. 

Printing, physically signing and delivery of documents accounts for over 70% of the total turnaround time. 

Save time and reduce costs with T-Pro. Contact us today for a free demo or more information on T-Pro Connect, our team would be delighted to assist you.

Annually, you can save up to €16,973 per consultant, free up 2 weeks of clerical time, reduce document turnaround time and backlogs by 70% exceeding local and national targets, and track & report on the delivery access of letters with full visibility. 


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