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Reduce the time spent on documentation by 75%, accurately capture the full patient narrative, and ensure the quality of care. With AI-powered technology, documentation is precise from the outset, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the quality of clinical records. This frees time from redundant tasks and errors, particularly benefitting GPs and primary care teams. Achieve superior outcomes by getting it right the first time.


Streamlines Documentation Process

T-Pro, a prominent provider of AI-powered Speech Recognition Solutions for the NHS, streamlines the document process, allowing GPs to capture clinical notes easily, efficiently and at the point of care.

See the demo below with EMIS, we also integrate with SystemOne, Vision and other 250+ EPRs. 



Mobile Working and Workflow Solutions

T-Pro Dictate is a world-leading workflow platform, designed by clinicians, for clinicians. T-Pro’s web and mobile apps integrate seamlessly with 250+ EPRs to create, distribute and analyse documents.

GPs can dictate using existing dictation hardware, mobile apps, web and desktop apps, with options to route work directly to one or more designated secretaries for transcription, and e-sign from any location.

World-leading Medical Speech Technology

T-Pro Speech is an advanced, cloud-based medical Speech Recognition platform that gives clinicians the ability to securely dictate clinical documents in EPR/PAS system.

T-Pro Speech also supports Ambient Documentation mode with T-Pro’s Copilot. Copilot records your consultation and automatically provides a draft document for clinicians to approve, without the need for time-consuming admin following the consultation.


About T-Pro

T-Pro is a leading healthcare technology and services provider. Our experience in successful partnerships with healthcare organisations across the globe means that we understand the challenges they face. We deliver productivity solutions including Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, Medical Transcription, and e-Correspondence Distribution, as well as Online Clinic & Virtual Consultation workflow solutions that improve operational efficiency, boost staff productivity and reduce costs.

Our innovative solutions and unified approach mean that we don’t simply provide a product. Our goal is to deploy state-of-the-art technologies and complementary services to help you achieve your operational goals, increase capacity and reduce the burden of administration across all workflows and care settings. T-Pro's cloud-based platform integrates with over 250 PAS/EPRs giving clinical staff access to the tools and information they need when they need it most - at the point of care.

For more information about T-Pro, or to arrange a demo, please visit our website or contact us directly. Your journey towards better healthcare starts here!

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