T-Pro is available to all departments at CUMH

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It has been almost a year since Cork University Maternity Hospital launched T-Pro and we’re excited that T-Pro is now made available for all departments to use.

About T-Pro

T-Pro is a global leader in clinical documentation improvement software, digitally transforming 600+ healthcare organisations across Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand with over 85,000 active users. Their cloud-based solutions enable workflows for efficient and accurate speech recognition, medical transcription, messaging and coding. We facilitate a patient-centred solution by making it easy for clinicians to capture the patient narrative and deliver information when it is needed most – at the point of care.


The Announcement

Back in February 2021 a pilot project began with Prof. Higgins and his team. After a successful pilot period, the decision was taken to make T-Pro available to the wider clinical teams.  

Since then, T-Pro has worked closely with the hospital administration team and have rolled it out to all clinical teams and departments. CUMH staff gave their feedback allowing T-Pro to define the challenges and overcome them with tailored solutions to optimise the current workflows with AI-powered speech technology.

With T-Pro, the document turnaround times have decreased significantly. Having conducted a Time & Motion study Alison Fahy, Hospital Administrator commented:

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Mark Gilmartin, COO of T-Pro commented:

‘Despite COVID disruption and a cyberattack, the project in CUMH has been a great success and was delivered on time. The hospital administration team and clinicians have been a pleasure to work with and we are looking forward to delivering further efficiencies with the next phases over the coming months.’

For future developments and later phases in the project, we will roll out T-Pro Connect - electronic clinical documentation distribution. Hospital correspondence can be signed off electronically and be with the patient’s GP immediately sent via HealthLink.

There are also plans for T-Pro to integrate with Cerner, saving on printing and scanning. With a paperless process in place, this will ultimately save time and reduce the hospital’s annual administration & postage costs by at least €24,000 a year. We hope to roll out into the other units in the directorate in the near future.


Interested to know more about T-Pro?

T-Pro offers on-demand support to all users, where you can reach out to our team by logging a query via their help-centre. T-Pro also offers off-site & on-site training sessions, if you need further assistance. please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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