We partner with MEDITECH to optimise EHR performance

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T-Pro partner with MEDITECH to optimize EHR performance and make it easier for clinicians to create effective documentation with our proven AI-powered solutions including digital dictation, speech recognition, electronic distribution workflow capabilities & more.HubSpot Cover Image (2)-1


Improve the clinician experience

Want to free yourself from your desk and make any mobile device a working extension of MEDITECH's EHR?

Clinicians spend 12 fewer hours each month documenting using T-Pro compared to replying exclusively on the EHR alone.

Since the introduction of T-Pro at the Galway Clinic, there has been a significant increase in clinician engagement and satisfaction, as clinicians can capture the patient story away from their desk, 'at the point of care'.

There has been a 54% increase in compliance notes and 90% of all progress notes are captured electronically - resulting in an increase in the overall quality and quantity of data being captured

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Deeply Integrated

Healthcare organisations that use MEDITECH choose T-Pro's solutions because we uniquely combine our proven technology portfolio with MEDITECH. Deep integrations between T-Pro and MEDITECH's EHR allow healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients and create effective clinical documentation while improving EHR adoption.

The following sites in the UK & Ireland use a combination of Magic platforms and 6.x/Expanse. Each site has its own configurations, but in general, Outbound HL7 feeds consist of an:


Why T-Pro

T-Pro’s market-leading, cloud-based AI-powered solution has brought greater efficiency and reduced the workload for all staff involved in the production of medical letters, without compromising on quality and accuracy. There was no voice profile training requirement, meaning clinicians could begin using and realising the benefits of the solution immediately, with little to no change management. Clinicians also now have the flexibility to create, edit and approve correspondence independently, or send to an admin-supported transcription workflow - allowing them to focus more time on patient care.

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