T-Pro welcomes the UL Hospitals Group

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UL Hospitals Group chooses T-Pro to drive innovation, boost staff productivity and improve documentation workflow processes and turnaround

T-Pro is delighted to announce that, following a competitive process, we have been awarded the contract to provide Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition to the UL Hospitals Group.

T-Pro’s market-leading, cloud-based AI-powered solution will bring greater efficiency and reduce the workload for all staff involved in the production of medical letters and improve overall productivity and efficiency.

T-Pro will provide full integration with the group’s Patient Management System, iPMS, offering an end-to-end clinical correspondence and structured reporting workflow solution that supports an advanced, highly configurable workflow process. The platform will also enable hospitals to significantly improve turnaround times and save costs by sending outpatient correspondence letters to GPs electronically.


Julia Cotter, Outpatient Services Manager at University Hospital Limerick says:

“The aim of the project is to make sure that our administrative and clinical processes are streamlined to allow us to maximise the time and energy focused on patients"

"With T-Pro's technology, we will be able to modify our administrative and recording processes and automate many transcription and document production tasks, which will free up support resources. We will be able to use the additional time to enhance our patient service."


About UL Hospital Group

UL Hospitals Group is made up of 6 hospital sites in the Midwest; University Hospital Limerick, University Maternity Hospital Limerick, Ennis Hospital, Nenagh Hospital, Croom Orthopaedic Hospital and St. John's Hospital Limerick.

ULHG provides emergency, surgical and medical services on an inpatient and outpatient basis, serving a population of 385,172 people in Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.

About T-Pro

T-Pro is a leading healthcare technology and services provider operating worldwide. We provide solutions that use machine learning and AI technologies, such as speech recognition and clinical language understanding, to enhance the way clinicians produce clinical documentation. T-Pro makes it easy for clinicians to document patient encounters whilst also providing valuable insights which can help to reduce risk, drive efficiencies across healthcare organisations and provide more time for patient care.

For more information, please contact sales@tpro.io


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