Mobile Working - Empowering the Clinical User Experience

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Digital dictation and transcription services have been available to clinicians and trusts for some time now as potential workflow and productivity solutions.

However, the usual approach in utilising these technologies often involved carrying around additional devices and being stuck in a clinic or theatre for ages, catching up on and going through all the cases that a clinician had seen over the previous hours, dictating in bulk.

Mobility was rare, and the solutions were seldom integrated optimally with broader IT systems. Speech recognition, in the meantime, generated a lot of positive user experience benefits, but was primarily tethered to specific specialties such as radiology, and was expensive.

At T-Pro, we think so much more can be done to enhance the clinical user experience when it comes to creating and managing clinical documents.

We’ve taken transcription, digital dictation and speech recognition and supercharged them into a single platform that’s fit for the cloud-ready, mobility-focused age of healthcare in the NHS.

Although our platform can be hosted on premise, it’s fully optimised to be part of a cloud-first strategy.

That means, through an internet browser or smartphone/tablet app, our powerful system can be accessed through a wide range of mobile devices, which enables clinicians to choose the right tool for the job and adopt the preferred workflow most suited to their needs.

It allows clinicians to generate, review, manage and audit all the clinical documents that are relevant to their team’s workflows within a familiar user interface and standardised user experience. That’s a critical approach because it also underpins our focus on mobility.

Clinicians, now more than ever, work in multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional environments.

It’s essential that their workflows can be mobile to enhance efficacy, efficiency, and the overall clinical user experience, which is why our platform includes an app that takes advantage of the powerful microphone and recording technology in-built in the majority of smartphones these days.

Whether your trust has a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) strategy, or issues dedicated work phones and tablets, this is an excellent way to get the most out of them as clinicians have greater freedom to use a robust document workflow solution wherever and whenever they need to, unencumbered by additional recording or dictation devices.

Beyond creating flexibility through a cloud-first and mobility-driven approach, our solution is far more secure, effective and intuitive than traditional systems because of a range of additional features.

For example, we create ‘transcription routes’ which are fully auditable document pathways based on work groups which ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information, with documents only seen by the relevant personnel to that patient.

Additionally, we have a rich ‘keyword replacement’ capability that means clinicians can set keywords that can automatically create auto-populated document sections. We have found this a great way to create efficiency whilst maintaining a rich amount of relevant details in clinical documents.

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